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Reflexology is a non invasive, hands on therapy working on the feet, hands face or ears. The theory is that the body and its systems and organs are mapped out on the feet, hands, face or ears and by working these reflexes your body is encouraged to rebalance and enable your body to work more efficiently and enable healing.



I qualified in 2009 after a successful career in sales and marketing.   Since 2009 I have attended many workshops and conferences in order to gain new skills, a new outlook on various medical conditions, to be part of a group of likeminded people and mostly because I am passionate about the wonder of Reflexology.


1. PH often replaces the "F" sound hence "pheet"

2. My initials are PH?

3. PH in science is all about balance and so is Reflexology!



I'm in Bishops Stortford.  I focus on mobile treatments, so I travel to your homes or workplaces. I love the variety this offers and from your point of view as a client point of view it removes the stress for you. You can prepare the treatment space how you wish and at the end you can continue to relax without the drive home!

I bring a reclining chair for you along with the necessary linen and amazing smelling foot balms. All I need from you is a dining chair to sit on and your FEET!

I also offer treatments at Bell Pharmacy, Sawbridgeworth by arrangement if you need to escape the house!




Treatment Menu

Foot Reflexology        £40 (1 hour)

Foot Reflexology      £60 (90mins)

Hot Stone Reflexology £45 (1 hour)

Reflexology Lymph Drainage £40 (1 Hour)

Facial Reflexology £50 (1 hour)

Zone Face Lift £70 (90 mins)

Zone Face Lift £700 (12 x 90 mins) *




Treatment locations and options

I visit you at home or work in

Bishops Stortford and around surrounding towns and villages.

Bell Pharmacy, Sawbridgeworth, by appointment.


Prices start from £40




call 07738677404 to speak to me for a free consultation or to book an appointment

or visit my facebook page pheet - mobile Reflexology

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